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Read a GoToMyPC overview, review a white paper or see a webinar.

Product Overview

GoToMyPC is the fast, easy, secure way to instantly access your computer from anywhere.

NEW! GoToMyPC Remote Deployment (PDF)
Getting Started Admin Guide (PDF)
GoToMyPC Fact Sheet (PDF)
GoToMyPC Overview White Paper (PDF)
GoToMyPC Corporate Product Overview (PDF)
GoToMyPC Product Line Comparison (PDF)

Security & Reliability

Learn how GoToMyPC provides reliable, industry-leading security.

GoToMyPC Security White Paper (PDF)
GoToMyPC Corporate Security FAQs (PDF)
GoToMyPC Infrastructure Reliability (PDF)
GoToMyPC Corporate RSA Fact Sheet (PDF)


Provide protection, privacy and remote access to your files and computer.

GoToMyPC HIPAA Compliance Guide (PDF)
GoToMyPC GLBA Compliance Guide (PDF)
GoToMyPC Corporate PCI Compliance (PDF)

Employer Benefits

Explore how GoToMyPC compares to traditional approaches to mobile workstyles.

LogMeIn Access Product Comparison (PDF)
Evaluating Secure Remote Access Models (PDF)
Telework Benefits (PDF)


Seamlessly integrate GoToMyPC Corporate with your existing IT infrastructure.

GoToMyPC Corporate Integration
Services APIs
GoToMyPC Corporate Wake-on-LAN
Fact Sheet

Case Studies

Real stories from our customers who use GoToMyPC daily.

GAPincus Funds GoToMyPC Case Study (PDF)
Veterinary Hospital Case Study (PDF)
Office Manager GoToMyPC Case Study (PDF)
Duke University Case Study (PDF)


Demos, Webinars and Training

Learn more about using GoToMyPC.

GoToMyPC Getting Started Video

An in-product video tour of how to get started with GoToMyPC and key features
GoToMyPC Getting Started (7 min)

Getting the Most Out of GoToMyPC Webinar

Listen to a recording of our Webinar, Getting the Most out of GoToMyPC, for a holistic look at everything from the basics of GoToMyPC to advanced features and Corporate functionality.
Getting the Most Out of GoToMyPC Webinar (56 min)

Add/Remove a Host Computer

Learn how to quickly add or remove your GoToMyPC host computers.
Add/Remove a Host Computer (3 min)

GoToMyPC Product Overview Demo

Learn how to quickly add or remove your GoToMyPC host computers.
GoToMyPC Product Overview Demo (18 min)

GoToMyPC Pro Admin Center

Watch the demo for using your Administration Center in GoToMyPC Pro.
GoToMyPC Pro (3 min)

GoToMyPC Corporate Admin

Learn how to set up your GoToMyPC Corporate account Admin Center.
GoToMyPC Corporate (5 min)

Mobile Access

Work from whatever mobile device you choose with mobile access.
GoToMyPC Mobile Remote Access (PDF)

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